Hi there! My name is Timothy Moran. Let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in Kentucky, have an Ag-Business Degree from Western Kentucky University, and a Master of Arts from Liberty University. I am a follower of Christ and a disciple maker. I love working with my hands and being around farming and ranching, which is great since I am surrounded by it.

I currently live in Nebraska with my bride, Amy (Kansas princess), our wild, handsome son Ty and our sweet baby girl Claire. Our purpose in this life is to glorify God with our lives and point others to our Savior and King Jesus. He continues to transform us into something we could never be on our own and we long to see that happen in the lives of others. We want to build the kingdom of God by being a disciple of Christ. We feel our number one responsibility is to make disciples right where we live and beyond. God has been so faithful to us on this journey and we know He will continue!

Thank You for journeying with us. It’s never boring with a Moran around. We don’t have it all figured out and fail quite miserably sometimes (Me more than anyone else in our family,) but we love Jesus and want to point people to Him, albeit imperfectly. That is why this blog is called Broken Directions. We know Jesus is the true point, but we can’t perfectly point to Him. We still try anyway. Grace and Peace to you. I hope you enjoy the reading!