Looking to turn the page into 2021

I admittedly didn’t do a very good job of consistently writing this year. I want that to improve greatly in the year to come. I had even started writing a book and it didn’t get very far. So I have some work to do for sure in 2021. I need to be more disciplined to sit, write, and encourage.

My deepest apologies for neglecting this area of my ministry. I took a long break from being on social media and it also limited my use of this writing tool. I hope to get back on track after the first of the year.

I could use some help though. What would you like for me to write about? Your opinion matters to me. Here is a list of a few ideas. Be sure to comment on Facebook or in the comment section below:

  • Encouragement from Covid
  • What I learned from Covid
  • Marriage tips from Tim and Amy
  • The latest home improvement projects
  • Ty’s obsession with animal pelts and hunting
  • Claire’s gonna rule the world (as long as she has her blankie)
  • Why the American church is deteriorating and will not stand
  • Hope for this year and every year beyond
  • How to start a church in your living room (5 easy steps)
  • To be a true leader is to be a servant
  • Why Amy won’t go sledding with me any more
  • Other options or ideas are welcomed

Here ya go. Let me know what topic you’d like for me to discuss. Maybe there is one that you would love to discuss that I didn’t mention, feel free to also let me know. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Grace and Peace to you as we head toward Christmas and New Years. Merry Christmas from the Moran Family!

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