Morning Devotion

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This morning, I was reading through Luke 23 and was captivated by the whole scenario surrounding Jesus’ arrest. I would love to unpack all that I saw regarding the Pharisees, but that will have to wait until a later post. I want to zoom in on Vs. 15

“No, nor has Herod, for he sent Him back to us; and behold, nothing deserving death has been done by Him.”

Pilate and Herod both recognized that Jesus was innocent of the charges being leveraged against Him. Yet, they kept pushing for Jesus’ death. Jesus had lived completely sinless His entire life. He didn’t deserve to die; yet there he was being charged and about to be sentenced. It shows you how badly the Scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees hated Jesus. Jesus knew He was innocent, but didn’t try to get out of it.

Something bigger was at play here.

What does that have to do with you and I? We are guilty. We all have sinned at least once. Just being honest, I’ve probably sinned while typing this blog. It is built in us to sin. We can’t not sin, it’s who were are. Jesus was built the opposite. Built to not sin, but He was about to die for it. God had a bigger plan for Jesus than the religious leaders had. Yes, the Pharisees got what they wanted ultimately, but it was only because God allowed it to happen. Why?

God wanted to redeem or buy back humanity from sin. The only way to do that was to pay with a once for all perfect Lamb. Jesus laid down His freedom, rights, and life to be able to purchase us. He didn’t deserve to die. We did. We had a debt to pay that should’ve lead us to death. Jesus stepped in and paid it for all who would receive His gift of grace through faith. We deserved to die, but He gave us a present instead. Have you received that gift yet? If not, you can by praying to receive the free gift of salvation. We cannot be buy it, earn it, or be good enough for it. It is a gift. Jesus paid for it and all you have to do is receive it.

I love how the Pharisees thought they had gotten rid of Jesus when He died on the cross. But all they did was usher Him closer to God’s rescue plan for the world. The sad part is that they were a part of plan, but many of them never received the gift of grace. Let’s not be that kind of person.

Next week, I plan on writing about how I was fired from my first church and how that overlaps with the Pharisees trying to get rid of Jesus. (Note: I am not saying I am Jesus nor am I saying that didn’t do anything wrong.) But you will have wait until next week to read all about it.

Grace and Peace to you as you relish in being set free by Jesus.


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