Quarantine Soul

Covid-19 has taken its toll on a lot of things: health, lives, economy, social interactions, churches, businesses, and waist lines. So many people are jokingly talking about their quarantine bodies. Since they can’t go out like normal, they stay home and snack. I am not throwing shade on any heavy snacking. It is my default as well. My jeans don’t button like they use to, but that started long before Covid. If it were up to me and my appetites, all I ever would do is snack. I love candy, chips, coke (not cocaine, but all southerners refer to all sodas as coke), ice cream, pie, and peanut butter (we buy it by the barrel at our house.) I crave junk food all the time. I can’t imagine what I would weigh if I gave in all the time to those cravings.

How has your quarantine snacking gone (technically, I never quarantined, but seems to be the common language?) Is your muffin top spilling out? Do you now have the movers disease (your chest has moved into your drawers? 🙂 )  Has your grocery bill gone up and your social interactions gone down? If the answer is yes, have no fear for I don’t even want to talk about it or make you feel ashamed. The point is we may have a problem that is more detrimental than tight pants. Yes, there may come a day when a rivet breaks loose from my wranglers and kills someone, but the percentage is lower Covid-19 mortality rate. I want us to consider our heart or more specifically our soul.

Over the last few months, I feel very keenly that I have not taken my soul very seriously. I have kinda let it go and do whatever it felt like. I let my soul snack. Today, I feel it hurting by chasing every desire and feasting on things that make it out of shape and out of step with my Savior. To be clear, I haven’t lost my salvation and the Holy Spirit has not left me, but I do feel a distance in my own heart. My heart has become a couch potato with his pants undone because the unnecessary eating of garbage has made it unable to go walk or even run with Jesus. My quarantine soul is out of shape and over weight. I recognized it yesterday, when I physically (not figuratively, lol) woke up from a nap. Ever since then, I have done nothing but pray to move back to Jesus. I left Him, He never left me.

So now what? Does it mean that I recognized the problem, all is well? No, its just like losing weight or getting in shape. Its much easy to get fat or out of shape than it is to reverse course. Recognizing the problem is just step one. Step two and three is spending time in prayer and His word (I hadn’t neglected it, but I wasn’t trying to absorb all that I could either kinda like vegetables. I eat them well when there is bacon and cheese all over them and the vegetables have been cooked to death, meaning not much goodness left.) Step Three was shut down the buffet. Where was all the soul snacking coming from? Was there a trigger? Did I have a “Fridge” with all the goodies? Yes! Facebook. I mindless trolled there. Constantly looking for things, people, places to fill something missing inside me. Today, I pulled the plug. I am not saying that I won’t ever go back, but I need to take like six months to a year off. I have tried limiting it, but my personality won’t allow it. I am no good at moderation. Its all or nothing. That’s how God built me. So I shut it down. Step four. I am going to prioritize my time to walk with Jesus daily and cultivate deeper friendships. I desperately need both. This life gets so lonely and the path gets treacherous. I must have Jesus with me above all else. I do not want to take another breath or step without Him. He’s been holding on to me the whole time, but I haven’t been holding on to Him. I’ve let go at times or I’ve pushed Him away. Not any more.

“O taste and see that the LORD is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!” Psalm 34:8

“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” Matthew 5:6

My quarantine soul is out of shape for now, but not for long. I want to be filled with His righteousness and to take refuge in Him. I am tired of feasting on junk. I have tasted and seen that He is good and in Him I will be satisfied.

What about you? How is your soul these days? What do you need to change? What needs to happen in your soul to hunger and thirst for Christ? Are there any triggers that need to be dealt with? Maybe you are not sure about this whole Jesus thing? Romans 10:11 says, “Whoever believes in Him (Jesus) will not be disappointed.” He is that good. Trust in Him today. I hope my real and raw writing helps you consider how your soul is doing. I long for refreshment from His Spirit just like a dry land longs for rain. I pray you long for it too.

Grace and peace to you as you whip your quarantine soul into shape! Let me know if I can help or encourage in any way.

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