What makes you laugh?

grayscale photo of laughing old man
Photo by Flickr on Pexels.com

During these troubling times, we often forget the power of laughter. For some strange reason laughter brings a peace to our heart and makes us forget our struggles for a moment. I have been looking for things to laugh at lately, just to keep me sane. I love funny stories and funny video clips. I am going to share you with some of my favorite gut busters and hopefully you will take some time to check them out and let the cares melt away for a while.

Funny Videos:



Funny Songs






Funny Story

My kids are always good for a few laughs, but my daughter gets the latest humor prize. We are in serious trouble with her. Here is the scene and her exchange with Amy. Claire had climbed onto the counter by the sink in the bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet and proceeds to swipe everything off the middle shelf. Amy comes in after hearing the commotion and asks Claire “what were you supposed to be doing?” Claire says, “potty.” Amy: “You better get there before you get a spanking.” Claire’s immediate reply, “You won’t spank me, I’ll poop on your hand.” Amy is fighting back a smile and thinks feverishly to have a comeback so she isn’t outwitted by a toddler. Amy didn’t win by the way. Amy’s reply, “If you poop on my hand, I’ll spank you you ’til you bottom is on your back.” (Not Amy’s best moment, but she tried.) Without even thinking, Claire responds with “I don’t want my bottom on my back, I’ll be pooping out my neck.”

She isn’t even 3 and she is already that witty. I don’t think we are equipped to handle her, lol! Our kids provide us with so much laughter and smiles which keep our hearts soft and our cares light. It is a blessing. I would love to hear how your family keeps it funny and light during these heavy times.

Grace and Peace to you as you laugh and keep your spirits high!

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