Prayer Answered

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Have you ever stopped and considered how many prayers that God has answered that you have never recognized? There are so many prayers that I have tossed up and never thought about again. Yet, I move forward knowing that I left them in good hands. He remembers and delivers as He sees fit. It is difficult to understand sometimes to leave it wide open with possibilities, but it is beautiful when you see the results.

We were finally able to get home yesterday from Kansas, where we had been celebrating Christmas with Amy’s family. It had snowed in Nebraska and the drifts made the roads impassable for a few days. When we got home, we actually got stuck in the driveway. Let me rephrase that, we got stuck pulling into the driveway. Most of the car was actually in the street. The only clear spot was where my truck was parked. Our driveway was a huge snow drift. It was over knee deep at the deepest spot. I know this because I cleared by hand last night. I didn’t mind though because I needed the cardio from all the holiday eating! Our street is still covered with snow. On the way to work this morning, my eyes kept getting drawn to mountain of snow piles in every parking lot. The amount of snow here is incredible.

As I drove looking at all the snow, Ty’s prayer that he prayed every night last winter kept playing in my mind. At that very moment, I realized that God had answered this sweet little boy’s prayer in an incredible and beautiful way that was far beyond my imagination. Here was Ty’s faithful little (little in length, massive in results) prayer, “Jesus please send 5 snow piles the size of our house.”

I passed 5 big snow piles the size of our house this morning. I felt God wink at me and whisper that he had answered that little prayer in a way that only He could that would alter the course of our lives forever.

When Ty prayed his sweet innocent prayer. I was the witness to it as we did his nightly prayer. In my mind, God would answer the prayer in our current circumstances. I believed that God would send us snow in Texas. We watched the weather faithfully, expecting a faithful answer. It would get cold, the wind would blow, but no snow. Over and over until winter had passed. I concluded that the answer was “No,” but boy was I wrong. If anything, the answer was not yet but hold on to your hat because I am about to do something.

Last year, God prepared a place to go to faithfully serve Him and build His kingdom. God opened the door for us to move from Texas to Nebraska. It was hot, humid, and rainy when we got here, but we have loved it nonetheless. Snow was the last thing on our mind. Now it has snowed 3 times so far this winter, and each one seems to get bigger. We went from the desert to a winter wonderland. Who would have ever thought that God would answer that little prayer in such an extravagant way. He is faithful even when He is silent and you think the answer is no.

I didn’t even mind to clear my own driveway, which took me two hours. My soul is at peace in Him. Today, my soul rejoices in bringing us to this place where adventure is around every corner and God is allowing me to flesh out the very dreams and passions that he has laid on my heart over the last several years. Thank you for such good gifts and for answering Ty’s little prayer in an extraordinary way. This is going to be a great year, I know this because God is good and faithful!!!

Grace and Peace to you as you send up many little prayers and sit back to see how our Good Father answers them!

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