Dreary: let the insanity begin

It is late August in Nebraska and the sky is gray while the sun hides. The forecast for the next 10 days are mid 70’s and high sixties. Let me repeat an earlier fact…IT’S AUGUST. I am slightly concerned for the winter forecast if August is this chilly. When I was a farmer in Kentucky, August was the hottest motor-scooting month of the year with high humidity. It would be in the 70’s at night. That made for great four-wheeler riding after dark (We don’t have time to get into all that)! This Nebraska weather has me a bit concerned. I don’t mind cold, but I have to have sunshine. Dreary weather for an extended season messes with my mind and my soul.

So I started thinking about ways to stay encouraged and uplifted if the weather isn’t cooperating. To be fair, I haven’t thought this through and I am making this up as I go! I am going to attempt to give you my list of things that I am going to do to keep me from being depressed and losing my mind this winter.

Hold on to your hat, this list might get undignified in a hurry!!! If the weather is dreary everyday this winter, I plan on:

  • wearing sunglasses and flip flops to work
  • put a spotlight in my office while wearing sunscreen
  • put sand over the carpet in parts of my house while playing Hawaiian tunes softly in the background
  • if it snows I vow to haul truck loads of snow to a friends driveway and leave it as a prank (Don’t understate my willpower during a good prank 🙂 )
  • get a tanning bed for UV light, remodel my house to look like a tiki hut (the remodel part is true, lol)
  • drive through town with my windows down and music up no matter how cold it gets
  • hunt polar bears
  • do a goofy morning Facebook video encouragement diary so everyone can suffer with my insanity
  • buy stock in a lotion company because of my ever dry skin in the winter
  • try out for a lip balm commercial because of my excessive use of Chapstick
  • buy sheep
  • mow the grass even when its dormant
  • ask the neighbors to turn up their heat and open the windows so it will cut down on my heating bill (Of course I’ll have to have my windows open too, Duh!!)
  • learn how to be a Viking
  • chase the moose out of my yard…again, put snow tires on the stroller
  • order ice cream and scream “its too cold” when they hand it to me
  • sit uncomfortably close to random people for warmth
  • knit a sweater from the wool of the aforementioned sheep
  • train penguins to sing
  • laugh at myself
  • laugh at others too
  • help them up when they fall
  • push them back down if they get mad because you laughed first before helping
  • serve your neighbors by shoveling the snow off their driveway (you can use it as ammo when you dump in someone else’s driveway)
  • find the best in everything
  • look for ways to cheer others up
  • and don’t forget to cheer yourself up too
  • and most importantly take care of yourself (spiritually, emotionally, physically, and laughability)!

Remember, winter is a season. It comes and goes. Although, rumor has it that winter lasts half the year here! Take your vitamins, eat right, exercise, pray, spend time in the Word, stay connected to your Christian community, and do random things often that make you smile; and you will be just fine….Probably!!!

I feel better already, just writing this ridiculous blog!

Grace and Peace to you as you survive the dreary winter wherever you are! And don’t forget to smile 🙂

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