Rookie Move

1 John 2:1

“My little children, I am writing you these things so that you may not sin. But if anyone does sin, we have an advocate with the Father- Jesus Christ the Righteous One.”

Sometimes professionals mess up. You see it in sports. Guys who make millions of dollars to be proficient with a ball, make terrible blunders. The kicker hits the upright, the shortstop overthrows first, or a twelve foot tall center missing a dunk. It’s like how did you miss that? You are supposed to be the best at this, but instead you look like a rookie. Recently, while visiting Kentucky, I got to hear about a rookie move. My dad is a professional hay guy. He cuts, rakes, and bales thousands of bales each year plus he has been doing this for hundreds of years. Just kidding. He has done this for a long time. Most of my family was gathered around the table ready to chow down on another of mom’s super delicious meals when we kept wondering where dad was. He should have been home an hour earlier. Apparently, we weren’t too concerned because no one called him. I think we were afraid of losing our spot at the table. Remember great southern cooking!!!

Dad finally comes in and is spent. While cutting hay, he hit something in the field that choked up his mower. It was large enough to see, yet he hit it anyways. Do you know what it was? A mattress box spring. Yep, ran over it and the springs got all tangled in the conditioner part of the mower. Although my dad is a professional at mowing hay fields, he is notorious for mowing just a little too close or mowing a little something extra to make the fields look cleaner when he is done. Costs him big every time because he inevitably hits something that tears up his mower. Rookie Move.

This blog post isn’t here to poke fun at my dad, but to draw us to a deeper truth about sin in our life. We all sin. It is a part of our fallen world. We have sinful desires lurking in all of us. Sadly, that includes me too. I hate that I sin and I hate how I feel after I sin. The guilt and shame are so real when it happens. I placed my faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord of my life nearly 26 years ago. Does that make a professional? Probably not. But it makes up a large part of my life. I have had moments of extreme growth and far too much time being passive. All in all, my desire is too make much of Jesus and help others follow Him. I should know better by now how to avoid all sin. But how realistic is that? Its impossible. On my best day, I cannot avoid sin. So does that mean, since I sin that I should continue pursuing a lifestyle of sin? To borrow the words of the Apostle Paul, “May it never be!” What a rookie move for me, a long time saint, to still sin?!?!

I love the tone of John as he wrote this letter. “My little children.” This isn’t hateful, shameful, guilt riddled, but kind, gracious, and patient. John knew believers would struggle with sin. His desire is that we would not fall into the trap of sin, but he knew that it is impossible for us to avoid it. John reminds us our Savior Jesus and that we have a constant need for Him. Yeah, I needed Jesus as my Savior 26 years ago, but I need Him now more than ever. He is my advocate when I sin. Satan is my adversary and wants us walking around with our head down because of the sin we’ve committed. Jesus sends a totally different message when one of His little children falls. Jesus goes to bat for us to the Father, “They are still mine. I bought them with my blood. I chose them. I love them. They are mine!!!” His mercies are new every morning. He is patient with His children. If you sin, confess it and run back to Him. He is running to you with arms wide open. Not to shame you, not to guilt you, but to forgive and restore you. Don’t believe the lies of the enemy. Don’t stay in sin, because the feeling of being accepted and restored is far better than the feeling of momentary pleasure we find in sin. Yeah, we all make rookie mistakes and fall for sin, but we don’t have to stay there. Sin leads to death. Choose life today!!

Grace and Peace to you as your overcome rookie moves and run back into the loving arms of Jesus.

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