In God we truss?

Lately, I have been pondering some of the decisions I made as a younger man. I am in no way admitting that I am old, but only that I was younger than I am now. With that in mind, I would say that I wasn’t nearly as mature as I thought I was at the time. As a kid, I was pretty timid and fairly scared of my own shadow. Most people that knew me, referred to me as backwards (There is no way to look at that as a compliment.) I was quiet, shy, and mostly frightened by everything.

I am not exactly sure what happened, but something transformed in me that is nearly unexplainable. During my latter years in college, I blossomed. I went from shy to out going. From being scared of everything, to a risk taking dare devil. Now, people just wish that I would stop talking.  It was amazing for people to see this transformation take place. If I had to nail down one cause of this metamorphosis in my life, it would have to be my faith in God. I knew the stories about Him growing up and my heart was full of awareness of Him, but it took a while to work its way out into my actions.

I could go on for days of all the times that I put myself in harms way simply because I trusted God in all situations. I didn’t always land on my feet though. I knew God was in control and that He would use the situation for His glory. I fell out of barns, rolled over farm equipment while driving it, was sent to the E.R. by livestock, kicked by cows, thrown by horses, and severely hurt my hand while trimming plants in a green house. I knew God was in control. He would either see me through or I would see Him in glory. How could I be so sure to live as most would call so “reckless”? I had seen what God had done in Scripture, saw what He had done in other people’s lives as well as what he had done in my life earlier. I knew God had shown Himself faithful. He could be trusted, even when I could not be.

What I am about to tell you is  a true story. There is no way that I could make this kind of stuff up. My dad decided to build a hay barn ten years ago. He hired my uncle to frame it up and I was solicited to help. I was the muscle. For some reason, my dad always told me that I had a strong back and weak mind (Again, not seeing the compliment in that.) The barn was going to be really tall so that he could stack round bales in it. The side of the barn was twenty feet high. We got all the poles put in the ground and the plates nailed to the top. It was time to place the trusses on top of the plate. My dad’s other brother had access to a boom truck (A truck with a long boom on it, just for clarification). He was going to use it to raise the trusses up to us so we could nail them to the plate and poles. Seemed like a perfect plan, right?! What could possibly go wrong? Everything! Everything is the correct answer.

The first truss was hooked to the boom and slowly extended into the air until it rested on the plate. These trusses were 48 feet wide, so they were extremely flimsy by themselves. We got the first one in place when we discovered an issue. The boom went high enough to get the truss in place but not high enough to come unhooked on its own. So my dad and two uncles looked to me to unhook the boom from the truss. The truss had not been nailed or stabilized in any way other than two men holding it at opposite ends of 48 feet. My job was simple: shimmy out to the middle of the flimsy truss, unhook the only real stability it had, and don’t die! Got it. All I know is that this would never have happened if mom was around!

I made my way to the middle and this truss was wobbling like crazy. I would have been safer trying to cuddle a grizzly bear. Jello didn’t wobble like this truss did. I finally made it to the hook. I managed to unhook it and then it started folding over heading straight to the ground. I’m pretty sure I started picturing what Jesus really looked like because I was about to meet Him. Somehow it stopped falling as I made my way back to safety. The Lord delivered me that day as well as many other days.

When I think about all the times He rescued me from danger or my foolish decisions, it strengthens my faith and resolve in Him. So when I need to move forward in faith, I am sure that He will not let me down now. I am so thankful for my younger days, because God showed up so often in my life, which only increased my dependance on Him. Yeah, I could have made some better decisions, but boy was it fun watching God work as well as seeing the panic on my mom’s face when she heard about it later. Probably the same look my wife gave me when I talked my three year old son into rolling down some mattresses on his little John Deere gator. It was hilarious when he hit the bottom. Check it out here!

God has proven Himself to be faithful over and over and over. The question is, will you trust Him enough to walk by faith to where He calls you? You can trust Him. Don’t let fear or anything get in the way of the journey of faith He has planned for your life.

Grace and Peace to you as go out on a limb or truss with God. He is in control of the whole situation. He is so worth the adventure! I would love to hear your story of faith, feel free to comment below or send me a message.


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