Prayers by Ty

As a parent, you have moments when your children absolutely melt your heart. Then there are times when you consider a weekend get-a-way… without them!!! My son is the epitome of that. He will put his arm around me and say, “You’re my special boy” while patting me on the belly. But that pat quickly turns into a sucker punch to the gut. He is like a candy coated porcupine. Sweet at first, but gonna get his shots in sometime soon. He gets it honest. (Not saying from who, though.)

We have begun letting Ty pray before each meal. Man he is ready. Sometimes he will do it before we even sit down, so he has to do it again. It simple and direct. “Thank you Jesus for our food, Amen.” Sometimes, we add to the prayer and other times we let it go at that. Our desire is for him to learn to be thankful to Jesus who provides for all we have. We have explained this to him several times.

At bedtime, we have a little ritual (which is some sort of miracle with me involved). He goes potty. We get him into a diaper and Pj’s as well as covering him in sleepy time lotion (I wished it worked as advertised). We brush his teeth and then read books as we rock in a recliner. After reading a couple of books, Ty turns out the light and we begin settling down to sleep. I tell him it is time to say our night-time prayers. He shows off his sense of humor by saying, “Thank you Jesus for our food, Amen.” I am trying not to laugh so I don’t encourage this behavior that he picked up from… his mom ;). I tell him to say his night time prayers. Oh yeah, now he remembers.

Thank you Jesus for Mommy, Daddy, Ty (Yeah he prays for himself), Claire (which he pronounces Quare), for books, for small group, for Rikki, for Toby, for playing, for bed, for going to sleep, and not going to sleep, for grandma and grandpa, for meemee’s house…long pause…and for Momma, Daddy, Ty, and for Claire, and for Momma. Oh wait, I already said that one. Amen. In Jesus name, Amen.”

 As a parent there is no greater joy than to hear that prayer each and every night. That was just last night. The details vary nightly. Some are serious and others will make you laugh. All I know is that he is talking to Jesus and we are cultivating a heart of gratitude. We are not perfect parents and do not claim to be. But our desire is for our children to love and serve Jesus Christ all of their days. Hopefully, we are starting well. We strive to do this now, so the seeds have plenty of time to take root. We walk with God and we want our children to do the same.

Hope this blesses your heart as you read the prayers of Ty. It’s a happy moment for me as a parent and it helps overcome any struggle I had with him that day. It also makes me more thankful for the family God has given me. I believe God hears our prayers the same way I hear Ty’s, with joy and excitement.

Grace and peace to you as you talk with our Heavenly Father with childlike faith.



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