Most Un-Thankful!!

It is the time of year where it is socially acceptable to be thankful. Most people keep it to themselves until November rolls around. You see it all over social media. It really makes me laugh. One of your “Friends” are whining, complaining, trash talking, and throwing shade until November 1st. Then it’s all Day 1 of being thankful… Crazy how we can flip a switch and all of a sudden we become thankful.

Truth is, we have so much to be thankful for and not just in November either. Year round and even on our worst day, there is something for which you can be thankful for. I thought about writing about all the things I am thankful for but I chose to go a different route (Which is indicative of my life). I want to share what I am most unthankful for instead. I will have some running commentary to go along with it just for fun. So sit back and enjoy a very Merry Un-Thanksgiving (You can’t say Happy Un-Thanksgiving, because someone might get offended!!!) (See what I did there 😉 !)

I am most un-thankful for:

  •  Stop lights- I don’t mind that you have to wait at one, but they are not for me.
  • Mosquitos and ticks- Seriously, Noah!!! Couldn’t you have dipped all the animals before they got on the ark. You had 120 years!!! Plus in Texas the mosquitos are so big they have ticks on them!
  • Vanilla ice cream- I have heard the argument before, “Well you can mix things with it.” You can mix stuff with manure, but it doesn’t miraculously make it good. Chocolate ice cream and then mix. Enough said.
  • Living so far away from family- There is no way to fix this problem unless our family would be willing to move. I live 955 miles from my parents in Kentucky. We live 400 miles from Amy’s parents in Kansas. When we lived in Kentucky we were 720 miles from Amy’s parents. Always a problem without a simple solution, unless someone has a private plane we could borrow!!
  • Cancer- This one has affected so many people. My heart hurts for those who are either battling or watching a loved one suffer through it. I am not at all thankful for it.
  • Time wasted- We can all relate to this in one way or the other, but there are case specific things in my life. I am un-thankful for the time I spent disrespecting and being ungrateful for my parents. The time I spent pursuing things that would have no lasting value in my life. The time I spent with people who only detracted from my life. The time I spent chasing relationships that would only leave me hurting.
  • Receipts- Walmart??? Does the receipt have to be the length of a football field when I bought a gallon of milk. C’mon!! You know I have to put that in my pocket, right? Save a tree now and then!
  • Being cheap and handy- There are times where I wish I was a little more frivolous or not as capable of doing things. Like changing the oil in the car or truck. I could pay someone to do it, but I am too cheap, I know how, and I don’t trust people to take care of my stuff like I would. So I do it. It saves money, but not exactly a thrill to my soul. I could go on and on, but you get the point.
  • Hate- I am so tired of this one. Hate only brings more division. As Christ followers, we are commanded to love and pray for those who hate us. So let’s lay our swords down and pray for each other. Our nation will change when we stop throwing pretentious stones and bow before Jesus. Yo white people, when was the last time you prayed for your black brother? Hello Republican, when was the last time you prayed for your democrat brothers and sisters? (Yes, I know my audience.) You will not be able to slander and judge if you have properly prayed!
  • Sin- Life would be so much easier if we didn’t have sin in this world. Just think if there were no murders, stealing, lying, rape, condescending looks, shame, guilt, doubt… Life would be a breeze. In my own life, I find that sin shows up way too often and gets me distracted from my purpose and my relationship with my King! I would be a really good guy if it weren’t for sin in my life. But it weren’t! (Sorry, Veggie Tale reference!)

I could focus on all the things that I am un-thankful for, but that is not the purpose of this blog. The point is that this is a short list compared to all the things I am thankful for. You may have things that you would add to this list that are bigger or deeper. I want to make just one point about this list. This is what you must remember when unthankfulness creeps into your heart and mind.

“Jesus Christ is more powerful than anything on your list!”

If you keep that at the top of your list, it will remind you that He can and will conquer it all. He is more powerful than cancer, sin, death, taxes, distance, time, and even vanilla ice cream. When you remember that He is all-powerful, our problems fade to the background. He becomes the only thing on our thankful list because He is the reason for it all.

What would be on your un-thankful list? Is there something really weighing you down? How can I encourage you during this Thanksgiving Season?

Grace and Peace to you as you remember that Christ conquered all, even what we are unthankful for. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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