I wanna get changed!!

How many of you would say that you enjoy routine in your life? How many would say you despise or at least dislike change in your life? Some people really enjoy routine. My wife loves routine. It pleases her soul to do the same things over and over with little to no adjustments along the way. She likes to know what is coming and have a plan in place to at least be able to minimize the deviation of the course of her life. Well I should be honest, that’s how she was when I met her. But she made a terrible decision that was the death blow to her routine life. She married me!!!

I love change and I embrace everyday differently than the day before. That is one of the things I loved about farming. No two days were alike, no matter how hard you tried. I drive her crazy with my lack of conformity and unwillingness to duplicate events in my life. Anyone who enjoys routine is cringing just reading this. Now if that wasn’t bad enough, my none rut lifestyle must be genetic. I have 2 small children that don’t seem to want to do anything the same way twice. Oh we try, even I try, but to no avail. Their sleep patterns are erratic, their eating is hit and miss, and their playing is not at all in any sort of pattern. Now would be an acceptable time to pray for Amy. Bless her heart for her daily struggles of putting up with me and my clones.

Back to the title, “I wanna get changed.” Change is a part of life. We are not allowed to even stay the same age for more than a year. Our bodies, our strength, our abilities, and our mind is always in flux. Change is inevitable. In the life of Christians, it’s mandatory. We are in the process of being changed into the likeness of Jesus Christ until the day we are in His presence. To stay the same is to hold fast to our sin nature and our flesh, which is contrary to the teachings of Scripture. We are to be changed and ever changing until we are perfect, which won’t happen until you are dead!

Every morning, I am greeted by a still small voice (My son not the Holy Spirit.) He is asking for toonsies (cartoons), milk, and time with dad. This is like the only routine thing he does. But for a stretch of about 2 weeks, he begged to go to work with me every morning. He would be watching toonsies and I would be getting ready to go to the office. He would come running into the closet about in tears. He would say, “I go to work with you. I wanna get changed.” He would repeat this 10 times until I would either give in and change him or until I convinced him to stay with Amy and Claire (which wasn’t usually easy.) He was so desperate to get out of his pajamas and get ready to go with me. He loves spending time with his dad and I am so appreciative of this fact. He was willing to give up his toonsies to be changed to spend more time with me. Oh how I love that crazy boy.

This really made me think. Do I approach my Heavenly Father the same way? Do I cry out with desperation for Him to change me? Am I willing to give up the good things in my life to spend more time with Him? Do I panic when I discover I am not as close to Him as I once was? I am not as good at this as I should be, but it still doesn’t stop me from trying. I do want to be different. I don’t want to cling to the temporary things of this life and miss out on the eternal changes God wants to make in my heart and life. There are times when I am absolutely desperate for Him to change me. There are also times when I am a little too comfortable wallowing in my sin. Truth be told, I should desire to be with God and be changed by Him the same way Ty wants those things from me.

I wanna get changed, because I don’t want to stay the same. I want to become what He has for me so that I am more useful to His kingdom. Any desire that I have to stay the same is only a desire to build my own kingdom. That kingdom won’t last and will all be forgotten one day. I have a song I would like to share with y’all that I believe will encourage you as you pursue the change that God wants to unveil in your life.

Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUT4trsrBCw

Grace and peace to you as you “Wanna get changed” and desire to be with the Father. You aren’t really living until you do.

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