Tuesday’s Encouragement

God Bless Tuesdays! It may be one of the most overlooked days of the week. Really, the only way it get’s noticed is when Taco is in front of it. It’s not as bad as a Monday because you have already been at work a full day. It’s not Wednesday, or Hump day; the day set aside to remind yourself that you have nearly made it through another work week. Tuesday is just sandwiched in there with all the chaos and speed of life. But today, I wonder who might need a little Tuesday encouragement. You may have had an awful weekend, gotten bad news today, or simply just can’t get it together to make it to Wednesday. If that’s you, then please keep reading.

The Apostle Paul spent much time writing to encourage the church and believers. He helped frame up the early church. But he also had a gift of pointing out some amazing truths that will help us survive and thrive in whatever this crazy world throws your way. So take a deep breath for just a second in your busy day. Clear your mind of the rat race for a moment. Take another deep breathe if you need to. Now read these words slowly, “But in all these things we overwhelmingly conquer through Him who loved us.” (Romans 8:37 NASB) You may need to read it again.

Paul had just described all the possible situations believers might have to face because of Christ. He reassured them that they could never be separated from God’s love no matter the circumstances. But then He said, “in all these things.” What things? Anything really. He was specifically talking to persecuted believers, but I believe it could relate to any trial you face today. Could be sickness/health issues, someone walks out of your life, lost your job, feeling hopeless, maybe your children are making terrible decisions… Pick your problem and it more than likely fits in all these things.

What does he say next? “We overwhelmingly conquer?” Does it mean that we are about to conquer all the trials we face? Sadly, no. But it does mean that our trials won’t conquer us. They may get us down, they may strip us of everything, but the trials cannot conquer us. Now you may be thinking to yourself, that seems like being conquered. But the last few words cue us into how our problems or trials cannot conquer us.

“Through Him who loved us.” Who is that? Jesus Christ. He loved us so much that He died for our sins and made it possible for us to escape eternal condemnation. When you have been saved by grace through faith; you belong to Him. You have been purchased by His blood. No matter what you may face; it can never conquer your soul, because it belongs to Jesus. So if the trial you face takes your life, you will be with Jesus. You will be complete, perfect and with many other believers in eternal rest. You win. The trial just sped up the process.

But what if your trial is not threatening death, just difficulties. The entire chapter 8 of Romans is good news for believers. Paul reminds us that we are no longer condemned by our sin, all things work together for good for those who are called according to His purposes, nothing can separate us from His love, and that we win because of Him. If that can’t get you through a trial, then maybe you need to stop whatever you are doing to make sure you have been saved.

This life is crazy and makes little sense most of the time; but if your eyes are fixed on Jesus, you realize that you cannot be conquered by what the world hurls at you. That is some good news right there and hopefully it makes Tuesday a little more tolerable.

What are you facing today? Feel free to message me about it. I would love to pray for you about any situation. Maybe you just need someone to listen. I would love to help.

Grace and Peace to you as conquer Tuesday in Jesus’ name.

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