Vacation until the wheels fall off, literally!

If you are like me, you enjoy getting out of town for while to go see some sights, enjoy the countryside, or to visit family. It is just nice to get away for a bit and reset the old battery from time to time. But if you vacation like our family does, you will need a vacation from your vacation. I literally was gone from the office all but three and a half days in July. I covered a lot of territory in the process. I thought I would catalog our adventure and you see if you are man or woman enough to vacation Moran style.

First Leg: June 30th, we take out from Pampa, Texas and drive fifteen hours (955 miles) to Rockfield, Kentucky. The purpose of this trip was to pick up my nephew Zachary to go to camp with me, to visit family and friends, and to drive lots of tractors (my dad has lots and I was hoping for some farm therapy). I got to drive a tractor down the road a piece and that’s when it began to rain for the next 7 days. I wish I was kidding. It was good to see our family and friends again. They got to meet our baby girl, Claire and gave her lots of love. We enjoyed lots of good food, fireworks, and good conversations. Time well spent.

Second Leg: While I was still in Kentucky, my mom and I decided to go see my nephew Silas who was in the hospital since I was in the neighborhood (you know within 250 miles). This is one of the two times I didn’t drive during our trip. Mom drove us to Cincinnati, Ohio to the children’s hospital to see my baby sister DeAnna, her daughter Adelynn, and her son Silas. He was doing so good and was quite alert. It was an amazing blessing to see how God worked in his life and in the life of their family. His life started out with a lot of medical issues, but God is not done writing his story yet. So back in the car for 4 hours home.

Third Leg: We finished up visiting in Kentucky (which is not completely true because it would take months to see everyone and spend any amount of time with them). I had my nephew and family loaded up to head to Kansas. I was dropping Amy and the kids off for a week while I was at camp. It was a fairly easy drive, only 11 hours and 700 miles of driving. Just 5 easy states. My nephew and I only stayed one night before we were back on the road.

Fourth Leg: From Tescott, Kansas to Pampa, Texas is only a 6 hour drive. Thankfully the panhandle of Oklahoma is only 30 miles wide and a half an inch on the map. Oddly enough, we are only at the end of the first week of July.

Fifth Leg: Three adults and eleven students get into 2 vans to drive to New Mexico for camp for five days. It was a great week of adventure, lots of laughs, and worship of King Jesus. The Spirit was moving as we worshipped in spirit and truth. Mike Romero and the band did an amazing job of guiding our worship time through song. They were such a humble band and I would highly recommend them. Matt Lawson spoke truth with power and several students gave their life to Christ that week. My nephew was one of them. I had been praying intently for him and had the other adult leaders doing the same. On the last night when Matt gave the invitation to receive Christ, Zachary raised his hand that He wanted Jesus as Savior and Lord. I had the opportunity to show him what it meant to be saved and he prayed right then to be saved. All the driving I had done was worth it for that one moment. The next day we loaded up and headed home. The next day I had to drive to Dodge City, Kansas to pick up Amy and the kids (3 more hours of driving, one way).

Sixth Leg: I would have loved for my nephew to stay a few more weeks with me, but his family was going on vacation and so was mine. On the Monday after camp, we loaded up and drove from Pampa to Conway, Arkansas. That means I drove 15 more hours and 1040 miles in one day to meet my sister Jennifer so she could take Zachary home. I am getting exhausted just thinking about all that driving. I spent the rest of that week in the office, I think. It was kind of a blur with all the jet lag.

Seventh Leg: Amy’s family rented a cabin outside of Florissant, Colorado so we drove from Pampa to Florissant last Sunday. It was an easy 6 and a half hour drive straight up into the mountains. I’m still mad that I have yet to see a bear while in Colorado (All those bear crossing signs are liars). Maybe one day. Our cabin was huge and had a heavenly view. It was a great place to visit, explore, and kinda rest. It seemed like someone was always taking a nap, except for maybe my son Ty. I think I fell asleep holding Claire like three days in a row. She is just so snuggly. We enjoyed so many different activities there like: white water rafting, hiking, site seeing, tons of speed limit changes (which by the way got me pulled over and a visit from a sheriff’s duty. The fine was going to be $255 and six points off my licenses. Got a warning instead.), train ride around the mountain, and peaceful walks around our cabin. We had lots of good conversations and lots of laughs. We enjoyed our cabin stay and hated to leave, but we all had to get back to “real life”.

When we got back home, I had travelled well over 5,500 miles and drove in 12 different states. Some of the states more than once. Vacationing with the Moran’s ain’t for wimps. Our kids were real troopers through all of it. We are so thankful that Jesus kept us safe through it all. What adventures have you been on lately? Anything wild or crazy? I would love to hear about it.

Grace and Peace to you as you travel down life’s highway. And don’t speed!!

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