Let’s Get Goaling

Here it is the end of March and where are you on your New Year’s resolutions? Chances are good that only a few are still striving toward their goals. Many have either been derailed by set backs or just quit all together. The temptation is to wait until next January to get going again. But what if your goals cannot wait three-quarters of a year. For example: your goal was trying to lose weight to be able to play with your kids and prolong life. If you wait until next year, think of all the moments you will miss between now and then. Plus how much weight will you gain in the meantime. Spoiler alert: You will be a year older and it becomes more difficult to lose weight as you age. So Today! Right Now! Even on a Monday! Set a new goal and go after it. Let’s get goaling (Spell check hates me because I make new words up all the time).

Goals can be set for anything. I have personal and spiritual goals written out for me to see everyday in my office. Maybe you are a details persons. If you are then you will need to write out weekly goals or maybe daily goals. Whatever you want to accomplish, set a goal, make a plan, and get started. To give you an idea of some goals, here are mine. Feel free to steal any of them or come up with your own. Life is constantly changing and we should seek to change for the better. Goal ideas!

  • Bench press 225 lbs 15 times in a row. (sounded really cool in my head, but I will need a lifting partner to accomplish this goal. I almost died lifting by myself last year!!!)
  • Run 3-4 times a week (I also substitute the elliptical on super windy days and some basketball from time to time. Point is to be active.)
  • Waist line at or smaller than 33″(This one is my nemesis. I have always struggled in this area. Partly to blame is genetics the other part is I love snack foods, especially candy. I am on a processed sugar fast currently to help!)
  • Learn a new skill (I have been wracking my brain on this one. I am not being boastful when I saw this, but I know how to do a lot a things. God made me quite talented.)
  • Blog 2-3 times a month (I am not a writer, but I love to encourage people as well as point them toward a genuine relationship with Jesus. So I write.)
  • These next ones are my spiritual goals. It is one thing to improve the outside, but you must not neglect your soul in the process. These goals are just as important.
  • Read the Bible and pray everyday. (You would be surprised how often I forget or am too busy. It’s shameful, but the good news is that I can start fresh today.)
  • Read 10 books (I love to read books dealing with spiritual growth and maturity, deeper commitments to my faith, church growth, and anything referring to the future of the church while still on the earth.)
  • Lead 5 people to Christ (this one is a big one for me. I am not gifted as an evangelist but I believe my duty as a Christ follower compels me to share my faith with others. Otherwise, I am just being a lazy Christian.)

I have 2 immediate goals right now in this season of life and the only way to accomplish them is through much prayer and a willing heart. The first one is to be a better husband and father each day. It is so easy to just do daily tasks in and around the home without engaging the ones I am trying to provide for. So I have to stop the busyness in order to connect with my family everyday (emphasis here to make sure you understand that your family needs you present in mind and body daily. Don’t miss one day, life is too short). Second immediate goal is to be more loving and gracious with my words. If you need quick wit, something smart Alec, or snarky; I am your guy. It’s a blessing and a curse. If you need a good laugh I am there with something to say. But if you need a kind word or words of affirmation, I fail miserably. I have also found that if there is frustration in the relationship my words are sharp and pointed, anything but my goal of loving and gracious. I realize that this is a struggle for me, so I pray about it as well as allow the Holy Spirit to improve my speech in hopes that it is useful and uplifting before it comes spewing out of my mouth.

I believe you can accomplish any goal you set your mind to. You may need to adjust your original goals to best fit your needs. Last year I had a goal of running a full marathon. I fell short and only made it 14.2 miles in my training. My goal was outside what I could accomplish alone. So adjust accordingly and find a partner who wants to succeed and wants you to succeed as well. I could really use a running and lifting partner right now, just saying! Last thing, get up and get moving toward your goal. If you hit a road block, don’t quit. Get back up and get moving again. You can’t reach your goal sitting around waiting for January. Let’s get goaling!!!

What are some of your goals? Are your goals similar or way different from mine? Do you need a running or lifting partner (I know a guy who needs one, lol!)? This life goes by so fast and if you are not daily intentional about living, this life will pass you by and you will be filled with regret. Don’t wait!

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