Owl check it out!!

Have you ever heard a noise in your house that made your ears perk up and your pulse quicken? Have you ever heard a sound that was unidentifiable but you knew it could not be good? That happened to me last night. I had gone out to my shop (or barn as my son Ty calls it) to get some tools. That’s when I heard it the first time. It sounded like some old rusty gates swinging in the breeze. The odd thing was that the sound was consistent but there was no breeze. So I went on with my business of the never-ending projects around our house.

A few hours later, after I had gotten Ty ready for bed and while Amy was reading him books; I decided to get some cardio in at the shop by playing basketball. I remembered the noise that I had heard earlier. So this time I was prepared. Leaving the house in my basketball shoes, gym shorts, cell phone, cup of water and a handgun. What? I always take water, you gotta stay hydrated. The trek began to the shop. Immediately as I step out the back door, I hear it again. This time it was way more shrill and didn’t sound in the least bit happy. As I make my way step by step, something catches my eye to the east. Problem is, the noise is coming from the west side of our property. I had my phone so I could call for help and I had my gun so I waste whatever tried to jump me in the night.

Seated on top of our brand new Moran Farms sign was an owl. He was lurking in the night ready to feast on whatever critter he could find. Fortunately, I am too HUSKY of a snack for him. As he flew away to a new perch, I could still hear the sound coming from the opposite direction. At this point, it was a much louder cry in the dark. I have never heard a sound like this. The only way I could begin to describe it is maybe a pterodactyl on the loose or owl that was peeing broken glass. Either way, I had no idea what it was and I had no desire to find said critter in the dark.

Isn’t it funny how fear is still a part of our lives even as adults. I am a reformed scaredy-cat. I use to be scared of everything. It’s embarrassing to admit now what I was afraid of back then, but it is none the less true. As adults though, we are supposed to have it all figured out and have all the answers. So we know what goes bump in the night and that its nothing to be afraid of. As adults, our fears change. Our fears take on more of reality of what could happen instead of a mythical creature in the closet or under the bed. (Mine was named Fred!) Adult fears range from poor health to losing a loved one, too many bills and not enough money, raising your kids right to turning into your parents. The list goes on. Since I have become a father, my top fears are: something tragic happening to my son under my watch and not doing a good job of raising my son where he would choose to walk away from the faith that is so important to me.

We all face fears. We cannot escape it. It’s just a part of life. But I am reminded of a Bible verse that I memorized as a kid and one I recited over and over when I was afraid at night. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5 When fear creeps in and begins to set up shop in your mind, the goal of fear is hostile takeover of your mind. When fear controls your mind, there is no place for trust because you are blindly relying on yourself. To drive out fear is to let go of control and trust what God is doing in the situation. He is stronger, more creative, has better resources, and is far wiser than our fear or problem. We are simply ill-equipped to handle it on our own. Only He can truly handle our fear and bring us peace in the middle of the situation.

The second half of the verse is important. Don’t rely on your own understanding of the situation. My imagined situation was a dark night with a murderous owl on the loose hunting for a muscular yet ruggedly handsome young man going to play basketball. But the reality was God had created a bird that hunted at night for mice, rats, and rabbits. Nothing to fear based on God’s perspective of the situation. We don’t see the world like God does. We only get to see a glimpse or a puzzle piece to a much bigger picture. I know that some reading this are facing some really big tests in life and fear is moving into your mind. You can feel your pulse quicken and you are beginning to sweat. I challenge you to trust in the Lord. Cry out to Him about the situation and then “leave it” with Him. Do not rely on your understanding of what is going on. Trust that his perfect plan is coming together, even if His plan is different than yours. If you trust His eternal perspective, then fear will leave your mind and peace will settle in long before the storm passes.

What about you? What fears are you facing? I would love to hear from you. If you don’t want to share publicly, feel free to private message me on Facebook. I would love to pray with you and for you! Grace and peace to you as you conquer the owls screaming in the night!!!!

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