World Series

Here we go! It is down to the final game of the baseball world series. An epic battle of 2 old teams trying to win for the first time in decades. One way or the other someone wins and someone losses. Then off to the next series of championship games of teams that no one cared about until they are finalist to win it all.

It seems as though we have hit rock bottom in entertainment. We cannot find meaning and significance in our own lives so we live vicariously through someone else. Isn’t it about time we had our own adventures. When was the last time you stepped out into unknown territory, determined to conquer life, and karate chop fear in the throat. We spend so much time cheering on “our team” while convincing ourselves that we have no business on the field.

Case and Point: The other night, my wife and I were watching “The Voice.” I care nothing for the singing part, but I do enjoy the snarky banter of the judges, namely Blake. As one of the contestants sang an old country song that I knew, I began singing along. Amy turned to me and asked why I didn’t pursue a country music career? It’s not that I hadn’t thought about it before. I use to love to sing. Heck, I even won 1st place in a singing competition years ago. My answer was simple: I did not have the confidence to stand in front of a large group of people to perform a song. (Irony ALERT!!!) I love to stand in front of large groups of people to preach, but to sing, not so much. Could I have been the next big thing? Probably not. Could I have at least tried and stepped into the unknown to have a singing career. Yes, but I chose a different and might I add more difficult path.

My point is, at some juncture in our life we will find ourselves sitting on the couch wondering what might have been. If that persists then we will continue in our comfort zone looking for the next big thing; never having an adventure and definitely not moving outside our comfort zone. The sad reality is that life is moving so fast and it will be over and done before we know it. Maybe its time, to step into the uncomfortable and really begin to live for the first time in years. What is it that you have put off or wish you had tried? Guess what, you still have a pulse (at least I hope you do, otherwise you aren’t reading this article) and you can still go for a win. Or maybe you try and fail. Either way it is better than doing nothing at all. Life isn’t lived on the sidelines. Get up and go have an adventure.

I would love to hear your thoughts about something you wished you would have tried or something you are currently trying. I also would love to encourage you on your journey. Who knows, maybe you will be playing in the world series next year. Dream Big!

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